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Fishing at the Le Bourg Remy Gites

Many of our Guests love fishing here in the peace and tranquillity of our riverside location, the River Creuse that flows at the bottom of our large garden and has a wide selection of fish for you to catch including Carp, catfish, barbel and all the usual course fish you would expect to find.  While quietly sitting fishing you will be entertained by the local wildlife, including Red squirrels, kingfishers and numerous types of birds, if your are really lucky you may even spot a coypu. 

Please find below information to assist you with your fishing trip:

Fishing permits - these can be obtained from the local fishing café in Descartes (2.8Km) or purchased on line, the cost of a permit is 33€ for one week and 16€ per day for adults for more information and purchasing on line visit

Bait and Tackle - can be found at the fishing Café in Descartes or a wider more extensive selection can be found at Decathlon in Chatellerault 20 minutes away.

The River - the depth and flow of the river can change through the year, we obviously have no control over the changes to the river.

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